After a long wait, Battlegrounds Mobile India is back with some regulations

Got Overwhelmed by the abundance of old-gen shooting Android games in India? Fall back as Battlegrounds Mobile India is back live in India with some new regulations to overcome recent ban on the game.

It’s been around an year after the black day for gamers, when we heard from the Indian Government about a ban on the Battlegrounds Mobile India, the Indian successor version of PUBG developed by Korean game developer company, Krafton. It broke millions of Indian hearts as the happiness wasn’t even sustained after the Krafton created that Indian version.

Breaking all those barriers, Krafton gave a comeback by engaging with New Delhi to resume back the prosperous journey of Battlegrounds Mobile India. The Government of India banned this game citing some security and habitual concerns to the game developer company Krafton. Nevertheless, among last few weeks, Krafton proved New Delhi to drop a healthy update.

Fundamentally, they made some regulations on the game to get a 90-day trial in India, so that if they’ll get succeed in this interval winning hearts while keeping game harmless and addiction-less. New changes made to the game will have nearly no existence of blood in the game while you’ll shoot the opponents with some trackers minimizing your gaming hours.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is back S6
Battlegrounds Mobile India is back S7
Battlegrounds Mobile India is back S5
Battlegrounds Mobile India is back S4
Battlegrounds Mobile India is back S3
Battlegrounds Mobile India is back S2
Battlegrounds Mobile India is back S1

You can open the Google Play Store app right now on your Android device and search for the text BGMI to download and install the game once again on your device. In between, the Indian Ministry of Electronics and IT will be reported about daily game records, comprising the gaming hours.

Keeping the same thing in mind, the game developers made a ceiling to the gaming hours. If you’re less than 18 year old, you cannot play it more than 3 hours a day, and the maximum would be 6 hours for 18 and 18+ aged gamers. Download it today on your Android devices and be polite to all the regulations glued to the game and gameplay.

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