MIUI 14.1 Update: Supported Devices List, Check Yours

Xiaomi’s MIUI update always comes through the newest updates of the Android Operating System. We are all obsessively waiting for the Android 14 updates which are ought to come through MI user interface’s MIUI 15 update version. Nevertheless, they’re still throwing the testing versions of that update, but now we’re on this page to tell you about the upcoming latest standard MIUI 14.1 update.

This new update is about to be launched for a few smartphones, and it’s most probably contain the exact security patches, fixed bugs and new features as we got over all the MIUI 14 series versions. The article below will show you the devices supported with the new MIUI 14.1 Update within a few details about what you can expect as the major probabilities to get in this newer update.

What to expect with the new MIUI 14.1 update

Most of the Xiaomi’s new smartphones are currently running on MIUI 14.0.3 version, which recently updated android security patch to May 2023. According to a few legit sources, we can hear about MIUI 14.1 update within the August-November interval. So, most probably we’re going to get the new security patches and increase system security up to August.

But including that most probable expectation, we can also have a small expectation about the Android 14 to have a first showoff of a few customization and compatibility features with this MIUI 14.1. We know that MIUI mostly be the first modifier of new Android versions, so that’s also something most expected with the upcoming 14.1 update.

Devices to get first update for the upcoming MIUI 14.1 update

Exaggerating things isn’t in our blood, so let’s get sharply to know about all the Xiaomi devices first to get the upcoming MIUI 14.1 update. All the below listed smartphones are expected to be the first ones:

Xiaomi SeriesRedmi SeriesPOCO Series
Xiaomi 13 ProRedmi K70Poco F5
Xiaomi 13Redmi K70 ProPoco F5 Pro
Xiaomi 12 ProRedmi K70 FoldPoco X4 GT
Xiaomi 12Redmi K60Poco X5 Pro
Xiaomi Civi 2 / 13 LiteRedmi K60 ProPoco X5
Xiaomi 14Redmi Note 13Poco F4
Xiaomi 14 ProRedmi Note 12 5G
Xiaomi Civi 3Redmi Note 12R Pro 5G
Xiaomi 11 UltraRedmi Note 12T Pro
Xiaomi Pad 6 SeriesRedmi K60 Ultra
Xiaomi Pad 5 SeriesRedmi Note 12 Turbo
Xiaomi Mi Mix 4Redmi K50 Ultra
Xiaomi 12S ProRedmi K50 Pro
Xiaomi 12S UltraRedmi K50
Xiaomi 12XRedmi Pad 2
Xiaomi 11TRedmi Pad
Xiaomi 11T ProRedmi Note 12 Pro Speed Edition
Xiaomi 12TRedmi K40S
Xiaomi 12T Pro
Xiaomi 13T
Xiaomi 13T Pro

Android 14 is being developed with the MIUI 15, but this can be a smart move of Xiaomi to give a few testing to MIUI 14.1 users. Let’s see the next move, soon we get this update on smartphones. Let’s hope for the best!

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