Google Camera 8.9 Update: All You Need to Know

If you are a Google Camera user, we’re here today with the most astonishing update you ever had for your favorite camera software before.

The Google Camera 8.9 Update is finally out for all the Pixel 7 phone users, being the most capable phones, and would soon be out for all other techie android photographers in a while.

Every old feature is available with this version, including one new benefit that’ll take your photography vibe to the top terminal of enthusiasm.

That benefit is absolutely related to the camera interface, and soon you’ll know in detail about it.

The below article ought to help you understand everything you need to know about the Google Camera and this new update.

More than that, we’ll also provide you the base APK variant for the new 8.9 update so that you can check if your Android device is compatible to use it.

We’re detailing everything below step-by-step with a perfect convenient to read headings for different aspects. Let’s get started, 🙂

What’s new in Google Camera 8.9 update?

Foremost, you must know that Google Developers were working so long on the Material 3, or Google’s Material You design system.


This one is the professional design system created by Google to help developers in the creation of high-quality digital experiences.

Using this technology in the best way, the new Google Camera 8.9 update came along with this new update.

New Camera Interface

You will now experience the most amazing application user interface in the Google Camera, which will make it look like a customized camera app, but will actually be a stock camera.

Material You technology has been operated so creatively in this application to blend the camera interface with dynamic colors and components that’ll immerse even your mood when utilizing.

Moreover, we have always seen the Google Camera app same as the stock camera application and that was the reason people were finding it dull and complex to use.

But from now on, the creativity will get mixed up with the straightforward and colorful app interface.

General Bugs Fixed with New Improvements

Lastly, even Pixel users found a few crashes while using Google Camera applications and that was like a generic headache.

But Google has introduced this new update with many general bugs fixed and some new improvements in the software’s operating and processing.

After using this camera app, you’ll personally feel a different and strengthened processing with fixed bugs.

More Features from Peers in the Google Camera

There are some more features that’ll amaze you if you’re still thinking to get switched to GCam app and haven’t switched yet.

These below features are from peers in the Google Camera generation and the only motives of using this app as the professionally official camera software on Android smartphones. Let’s know about most of them.

HDR+ and HDR+ Enhanced capturing

When the background light and backlit isn’t balanced in your environment while capturing pictures, just enable these options.

While being enabled, HDR+ will automatically generate proper lighting in those pictures and HDR+ Enhanced will sharply greater the colors of pictures.

Top Shot

Top Shot mode lets you capture a few pictures altogether, and then the AI module points out the top picture among all of them.

This picture picking module will refuse all those pictures with blemishes, eye blinking, and low focus on camera, and will pick the best image for you to post.

Super Res Zoom

Are you facing the dull and blur pictures when zooming in the camera and capturing pics? This can be minimized a lot using Google Camera software’s Super Res Zoom.

It gives your pictures the super resolution even when you’re zooming to the beyond capabilities.

Night Sight

The Night Sight Camera mode of GCAM application will help you to capture quality pictures even in low light background.

Even your camera flash can’t introduce such lighting and colors in the pictures as much impact GCAM’s Night Sight can throw.

Just, you need to wait still while capturing Night Sight images, as it takes time to fill in colors and actuality.

Motion Mode

Motion mode capture pictures in motion to evade blurring and join long exposure in pictures. It’s one of the iPhone photography features that Google Camera equips for Android phones.

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