MIUI 15 Android 14 Testing Started For Two More Devices

As per Google release the new updates in operating system versions to introduce new features, Xiaomi work to be the first one to enrich the experience of that new version with some MIUI add-on features. As we all know, Android 14 is in the making and at the similar time, MIUI 15 also providing the access to new Xiaomi smartphones. Finally, we got a list as the testing started a few days ago.

There would be all these new expected features in the MIUI 15 as we listed in this particular blog. As per the sole reason of Android to update the user experience and add new security patches, MIUI does exactly the same work on their UI model. You’ll get more details from that link above and as of now, we should be straightforward to show you all the new smartphones in the list to be tested.

Slight look at the MIUI 15 updates

Although, we have created a based article about MIUI 15 updates, but as per the vibes of this article, it’s important to have a slight acknowledgement related to the new version. First of all, it’s going to be based on Android operating system version 14, which contains a few features that are absolute in MIUI 15. Moreover, you’re getting more customization features as you get in every MIUI update, including newer and smoother widgets which are super useful.

There would be a customizable lock screen including widgets on there too as per the launches revealed by Google in last event. Moreover, there would be better HDR camera modes, photography options, and privacy options in this new update to abandon the apps that can actually throw you into some big problems before letting you install it.

Lastly, there would be better compatibility for display and sound quality with the new Android.

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New smartphones to get MIUI 15 Android 14 testing

Well, the official launch is expected in December 2023, but first of all, Xiaomi started testing for a few Android smartphones to get reviews from the users and feedback based on new Android support. Absolutely, there would be some flaws with the pros as no glitters are that gold, but testing will help Xiaomi tremendously in becoming flawless at the time of standard launching.

There are just two smartphone models currently on which the Xiaomi brand developers been testing the Android 14 MIUI 15 update, Redmi K50 Pro, and Mi 11. However, they are the most recent China’s beta updates, as we told you that the standard launch would be somewhat in December 2023. So, these two smartphones are getting early beta access with China update –

Redmi K50 Pro: Xiaomi Redmi K50 Pro is a MT6983 Dimensity 9000 processor chip-based Android phone which launched way before in March 2022. Xiaomi got this model efficient enough to operate the new beta update, as currently it’s been working on Android 12 version. Xiaomi has planned to deliver two updates simultaneously to take it to MIUI 14. If you’re using this smartphone, you’ll see the update as 23.5.3 and 23.6.24 version in the panel.

Mi 11: Xiaomi Mi 11 series is also a previous Xiaomi series that launched in January 2021, and it’s the second smartphone model to work with MIUI 15 Android 14 testing. As of now, it’s already providing users with MIUI 14, which is a sided version of Android 13. That’s where Xiaomi thought of taking it to test the MIUI 15 update. For the users having Xiaomi Mi 11 in their hands, they’ll get the testing version 23.6.24 in the update panel with beta MIUI testing.

Presently, we got these two updates related to the new two Xiaomi phones to get MIUI 15 testing. Soon we’ll come with more information about the same whenever Xiaomi throws out any news.

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