Download High Quality Google Pixel 8 Series Wallpapers

When it comes to customizing the Android smartphone’s front-face, random people find the theme launchers and install them for accessing the most aesthetic wallpapers. Why to install the whole theme launchers and get stuck in using the online advertisements what they pitched to us? If all we need is the wallpapers, we’re here today with the new stunning Pixel 8 series wallpapers in high quality.

When the thing is about wallpapers, Google and Apple are the topmost developers. Basically, creativity is the first part they actually believe and work on while creating the wallpapers and that’s the reason why you’ll see so many smartphone using something exactly same. We’re here today to offer you the actual Pixel 8 Series Wallpapers in the Full HD resolution.

New leaks about upcoming Google 8 Series

Those who don’t know it yet, Google Pixel 8 series is currently in the creation phase and the official Google developers are working more creatively this time to get you most of the new amazing updates. According to some generic leaks, the 8 Series is coming with a slightly smaller screen in both the variants Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro for 6.17’ and 6.70’ inched display respectively.

This slight decrement in screen size came for giving the phone a higher corner curvature at 102px and an aesthetic look. Additionally, you’ll see the rear camera side of Pixel 8 same as its last 7 series prototype with a slight larger wide angle, and for Pixel 8 Pro, there would be a new 64MP Sony IMX787 sensor again with a larger 0.49x wide angle. There are more new features like the 12W Wireless Charging and NFC support, but this time we’re here about Wallpapers.

Pixel 8 series newbie Wallpapers

No matter the launching of Pixel 8 Series is after a few months, the Pixel 8 Series Wallpapers are out in the ultimate quality created by an American Filmmaker and Photographer, Andrew Zuckerman. The physical attraction of the upcoming series is already aesthetic, and then these few wallpapers will make the feel of using a smartphone extraordinary. Basically, all these wallpapers got a Crystal Mineral design to being unique and not-so-dull.

Pixel 8 Series High Quality Wallpapers

The exact creator is designing the expressive Wallpaper series since from the Google Pixel 6 sequence, and that’s what we all can call ART. The below final section will comprise all those new wallpaper varieties launched by Google Pixel 8 Series.

Download Google Pixel 8 series Wallpapers

You can download them from here and use those pictures as your device’s Wallpaper just by surfing them later through your phone’s Gallery. We got 8 different wallpapers from this Pixel Series 8, including the greenish Haze, Blueish Jade, Purplish Licorice, Orange Peony, Greenish Jade, Blackish Licorice, Sepia Porcelain, and the Blueish Sky. All these wallpapers are listed below with both Light and the Dark modes.

The mode switching wallpaper will automatically happen in the Pixel 8 Series, but for the non-pixel smartphones, they can choose whatever they like to choose the only one of these 8 wallpapers’ two different variants. Choose, Download, and Apply!

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