The iPhone 15: A Revolutionary Tech – What to Expect

Every time when Apple creates a new update in the series of iPhones, there is something new that one really can’t resist thinking about.

This time we got some new leaks about the new imminent generation of iPhone, which is the iPhone 15 series that you can expect to get launched in mid Aug-Sep time interval. But we can’t stay simple without knowing or searching about the newbies.

There are a few newbies with most of the same old technologies clubbed in the iPhone 15 series and this article would be responsible for showing you all the important updates related to this series.

We’re gonna talk about the phone’s screen, processor, camera, and will have a different section for what’s really new, trending, and worth knowing about this new series.

Before that, you must take a deep breath, because what you’re going to see ahead is breathtaking!

Display and Appearance

Firstly, we must now take detailed information about the display and resolution, being the first part of every new smartphone series.

It’s not even the slimness of the phone which throw any more impact than the display and resolution of the phones.

Before when the iPhone 14 Pro Max provided you with M12 OLED Panel display in the smartphone, the same will be there on the 15 Pro Max.

iPhone 15 Cores

Although, that was a really sharp and extraordinary display we ever had before, as it was the only positive result among most of the options.

However, there must would be a few differences in the new iPhone’s appearance. The dynamic iPhone feature is still there with the new 15 series.

However, some rumors suggest that the new phone will be narrower (76.7 mm as opposed to 77.6 mm) and shorter (159.8 mm) than the iPhone 14 Pro Max (160.7 mm).

Besides, all the four iPhone variants of this new series are expected to appear as below –

  • iPhone 15 – 6.1 Inches display
  • iPhone 15 Pro – 6.1 Inches display
  • iPhone 15 Max – 6.7 Inches display
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max – 6.7 Inches display

Beast Part of iPhone 15, Camera (What’s New)

We are all here to know about something new to be launched in the Camera part of the iPhone 15 series, as our mind stopped energizing after getting small differences so many years.

The new world of iPhone photography is here; The biggest variant of the new iPhone 15 series, iPhone 15 Pro Max, will be going to offer you a periscope telephoto camera, the actual sports edition.

Although, dynamically and the new camera layout would be absolutely the same as the older series and that’s why you may think there are no differences, but the internal options are really cherishing.

iPhone 15 CPU Performance

Moreover, the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s periscope protocol offers you 6x magnification, which is three times ahead what you got lastly with the optical zoom of the 14 Pro Max.

The rumors say that the new iPhone 15 Pro Max hasn’t got a different camera sensor technology, as it’s still expected to arrive with the IMX803, 48MP 1/1.28”, Quad-Bayer camera sensor, which was plugged with the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max series.

What’s Next? Maybe the Frosted Glass back

There are a few rumors about the new iPhone 15 series by Weibo that it’s going to flash a comeback with the frosted glass back.

All the series phones, including the 15 standards, Pro, and Pro Max version ought to give a most fabulous response to the Apple fan base with this frosted glass back.

However, that’s one of the rumors, but if you get true, will enhance the premium looking with finally a change on the rear panel of the phone, unlike the last three series.

What’s New about Charging your Smartphone with Type-C.

Every technological device, in this era of superfast advancements, is employing the thunderbolt technology to get a battery charge.

We have seen up to 120W superfast charging, and however, they may throw some radiation, but that’s what simply possible through the thunderbolt connection.

Finally, Apple iPhone 15 family has accepted to leave the lighting cables, and made a perfect choice to come with a USB Type-C Port for fast and convenient charging.

Old Cases Compatibility with New Dimensions

This time, the changes are quite actual tricky, and you won’t be able to find a perfect fit between two series smartphones like Apple iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro variants.

There are slight differences between the camera panels sizes, which might make the old case incompatible, within a more privileged display curve designed in the new 15 family.

Some family members may fit compatible, however, not for all of them is going to work exact.

What’s Exclusive in the Pro series?

According to Apple’s terminology, and the Pro series, including the Pro Max variant of each new gen families contains some exclusive benefits that make them sound like Pro.

They include some additional features which exclusively say that you’re a professional using the Pro device.

This time, you are anticipated to get the new iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max series with more curved bezels and brighter lumens of display than the last Apple’s 14 Pro series.

However, we aren’t expecting any changes in the standard variant as we’re talking about the Pro series. The standard iPhone 15 might be simplistically same as the last 14 variant.

Happy Ending: Pricing and all

Some say the Apple iPhone 15 would be a big burden for the Apple users, and simultaneously we got those who’re saying it’d be the new revolution.

People getting demotivated after listening to the leaks related to huge price hikes in the new Apple Family, and at the same time happy with the new camera lens setup, curved bezels, and new dynamic island features.

Although, recent few business interviews in CNBC and Forbes, people found out leaks related to the higher average selling price of Apple iPhone 15 series, seeming a $200 hike.

This hike won’t affect the standard variant users much, but the Pro and Pro Max users may get affected if it’d be related to percentage of a price hike for $200 on Apple iPhone 15.

Nevertheless, all the above leaks are rumors by some bigger names so that you can assume or expect them for real.

We’re seeing ahead for getting notified by official Apple headquarters about this new upcoming 15the family of Apple iPhone.

Until that, be patient and subscribe to our newsletter for getting faster updates related to Apple leaks and more influential technology leaks.

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