Download Latest GCAM APK for POCO F5 Smartphone

Camera software while being ranged in the case of rankings, the frontend must consist of Google Camera at the #1 rank.

It’s the only software that actualized the fact in the global mind that hardware isn’t the only requirement to capture the outstanding photos, as software is also a requirement to strengthen smartphone photography.

If you have bought the brand new Poco F5 smartphone and trying to find a compatible version of Google Camera app, let us show you the route.

In this article below, you will find info about the Google Camera application, specifications of the Poco F5 smartphone’s camera, features of GCAM, and we’ll also offer you the version you’re looking for.

Be patient and read this whole article with a flow, as you’re also going to know about the procedure of settling the Poco phone’s camera settings to the professional photography. That’s a secret which would soon get revealed beneath there.

What is GCAM APK?

GCAM APK or Google Camera app is an android software developed to work as a stock camera application and make your camera potent enough for professional photography. Basically, it’s a creation of Google, and they are providing access to this software, especially in the Google Pixel smartphones.


But if you don’t have any Google Pixel phone and wondering to use the same Google Camera app with all its features and exaggerating camera modes in Poco F5 phone, don’t get worried.

We’re here today with a Google Camera port that actually works in Poco F5 smartphone, and before revealing that version, let’s first take a look at the camera specs of our device.

Xiaomi Poco F5 Camera Specifications

The Xiaomi Poco F5 offers you a brilliant camera setup with a triple rear camera. This setup contains a 64 MP wide-lens, 8 MP Ultrawide lens, and a 2 MP Macro lens on the backside.

Moreover, the front camera setup is also at the ultimate strength as you get a 16 MP selfie camera which can capture videos at up to 30-60fps at 1080p FHD resolution.

Features of GCam Camera, and Why is it Better than Stock Camera?

In addition to the above listed camera specs of Poco F5 smartphone, the OIS camera setup of this POCO phone already stabilizes captured videos, so GCAM will advance it amazingly.

But stabilization wouldn’t be the only requirement to download GCAM APK as there are many more features waiting for you as they are listed below.

  • Capture highly optimized pictures with HDR+ Enhanced mode.
  • Use the high dynamic range of Poco F5 effectively with pro modes.
  • Choose among 5+ rare camera modes like astrophotography.
  • Capture quality rich portrait photos in both selfie and rear camera.
  • One-click share button to share images on social media platforms.

Sample Photos Taken Through GCam

Best GCam Compatible with Poco F5 Device

The best GCAM APK for Poco F5 smartphone is the LMC port, which is developed by Hasli to optimize the dynamic ISO selection feature.

This GCAM port is ultimately capable of working on Poco F5 and you will not get any crashes while this app being installed on your phone.

There are many other options too, but as being asked for the best compatible version, Hasli’s LMC port will help you the best.

How to Get Best Configs Instant on Poco F5?

Above they are with the GCAM port compatible with your smartphone, we have also listed a config file.

It’s an XML extension file which can be loaded to your Google Camera app directory and once enabled, can offer you all the best configurations selected in just a single click.

You should follow the below process to load config files on GCAM Port in your POCO smartphone.

  1. Download and install the compatible LMC port on your smartphone from the above link.
  2. Open the File Manager or Google Files app after the app installation.
  3. Create a new folder named LMC8.4 as it’s the version you’re currently using.
  4. Download the above config file and paste it to the same LMC8.4 folder that you recently created.
  5. Launch the GCAM app and allow for all the important permissions asked at initial.
  6. Around the camera shutter, you’ll find some black area. Click on that area.
  7. Click and select the recently downloaded config from the options and hit the Import button.

After this, you will see all those changes in the camera settings, all done with no complex procedures.

If you liked all the info you got through this article, must share it with your friends who recently bought the Poco F5 phone and surprise them with this outstanding camera port. Enjoy clicking photos!

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