BGMI 2.6 Update: Coming Soon with Dinosaur Mode & More

After a blasting comeback of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) game in India, they’re again elevating the enthusiasm of all the Android battle royale gamers.

This time, the parent company Krafton has leaked some new revelations about the upcoming BGMI 2.6 update.

However, the biggest thing in our knowledge is the Dinosaur Mode that you’ll absolutely like in there.

Although, BGMI 2.5 already consists of a new Royal Pass season with the most fabulous skins and custom designs that’ll attract your heart.

But the Dinosaur Mode in the upcoming BGMI 2.6 is something more fabulous than the term when we got Godzilla mode.

Well, it’s not quite out yet, but the information revealed on the internet shows nakedly all the below upcoming elevations.

Expected Updates to See in BGMI 2.6 Related to Dinosaur Mode

There are a few expected modes we expect to get in the next update of BGMI, where there is everything related to the dinosaur mode we’re reviewing currently.

The below list of aspects can be there while you will play the Battlegrounds Mobile India game as per the global expectations and a recent few leaks by this short video tweeted by the official PUBG MOBILE Twitter head.

1. Baby Bones:

Baby Bones would be an innovation of BGMI, where the gamers will get these small baby bones on the whole battle royale maps.

They can use these small particles to prevent the enemies as well as enhance the adrenaline bar by eating them.

BGMI 2.6 Update Baby Bones

Well, that’s our sounding expectation for Baby Bones and you may get a new official update soon.

2. New Opponent Class:

Opponent Class stands for the additional opponents besides the other gamers, and you’re now going to have the new different Dino classes, where one of them is Roaming Raptors.

You’ll see these dino raptors with unique marks on the maps, and you can kill them altogether with your squad to win the fantastic rewards, like the air-drop hot weapons.

3. New Gaming Mode

Dinoground is the new gaming mode you may find in the BGMI 2.6 release. Actually, this gaming mode will let your squad have a fight with multiple dinosaurs or a single boss using different weapon classes.

BGMI 2.6 Update S2

You can call this mode a PvE mode, which is an abbreviation for Player vs. Evo, and will drive you through different classes of Dinosaurs from Baby Bones, Roaming Raptors, and many more.

T-Rex would be the final boss that you’ll be required to beat in the end.

4. Dinoland

The above Dinoground was a PvE gaming mode, where there were no involvement of any gamer opponents, but DInoland is a different kind.

BGMI 2.6 Update Dinoland

It’d be a BGMI map that’ll show you a unique grassy and forest area with tremendous dinosaurs in there as well as the real gamers.

You can reckon this map as the zombie map we got years ago in PUBG Mobile. This time, the innovation would be quite additionally attractive through the Dinoland.

5. New Weapon

Dino Rifle would be a new weapon, that’ll be available particularly to kill the Dinosaur opponent class.

BGMI 2.6 Update New Weapon

It’s a specialized rifle designed in a curative way and only to kill dinosaur from a long distance so that you will not get any harm while fighting.

The headshots would literally have a most offensive damage to any dinosaur class, and you’ll love using this weapon.

6. New Vehicle

Dino Truck is the new vehicle we’re expecting from the new BGMI update, as it’s a truck design where there is space enough for the whole squad as well as dinos.

BGMI 2.6 Update New Vehicle

Moreover, you will also have a manual turret fixed on that truck to take fight with dinos while your squad members are riding that truck.

This will be an ultimately action gameplay, what you all maybe seeking right now.

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