First Xiaomi Phones To Get MIUI 15 Update, Check your Device

Smartphones are the box of Santa, containing tremendous number of gifts in a small space. A small device which you can use to listen music, capture pictures, record videos, share files, and browsing internet. User Interface plays the major role in these smartphones as no one actually knows what they’re capable of.

The new MIUI 15 is about to get launched with some new tactics, exceptional compatibilities, and the newest Android 14 beta update. It’s currently in development, but will soon get to the topmost Xiaomi, Redmi, and Poco variants to show you the new way of using Android.

Today, here in this article, we’re going to list all those MI android smartphones to get MIUI 15 update on its very first launch. Lastly, on December 11, 2022, Xiaomi blessed us with the MIUI 14 update, including the best features at the lowest compatibilities, and soon we’ll get MIUI 15.

Below there, you’ll find out some expected features, including a few already leaked options from the Xiaomi community. Moreover, you’ll find out the expected date, when you can get upgraded to MIUI 15, comprising a list of devices to get MIUI 15 update first.

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List of Xiaomi Devices that will Get MIUI Update First

Below there, we have listed three different series of Xiaomi, including the premium Xiaomi, budget-range Redmi, and Poco as a low-tier sub brand.

But remember, the list of devices down there are still unconfirmed and you can take them just as an expectancy by Xiaomi, for being the new get android devices created till now.

Xiaomi Devices To Get MIUI 15 Update

  1. Xiaomi 13 series (Base/Ultra/Pro/Lite)
  2. Xiaomi 12 series (12 Base/12 Pro/12X/12S/12S Pro/12S Ultra/12 Lite/12 Pro Dimensity Edition/12T/12T Pro)
  3. Xiaomi 11 series (11/ 11 Pro/ 11 Ultra/ 11T/ 11T Pro)
  4. Xiaomi Mix Fold 2
  5. Xiaomi Civi 2
  6. Xiaomi Civi 1S
  7. Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro 12.4
  8. Xiaomi Pad 6 & 6 Pro

Redmi Devices To Get MIUI 15 Update

  1. Redmi K60 series (K60/K60E/K60 Pro)
  2. Redmi K50 series (K50i/K50 Ultra/K50 Gaming/K50 Pro)
  3. Redmi K40S
  4. Redmi Note 12 series (12 Pro Speed/ 12 Discovery/ 12 Pro+)
  5. Redmi Note 11 series (11R/11T Pro/ 11T Pro+)
  6. Redmi 12C
  7. Redmi Pad
  8. Redmi 11 Prime/ 11 Prime 5G

Poco Devices To Get MIUI 15 Update

  1. Poco M5
  2. Poco M5s
  3. Poco M4 5G
  4. Poco M4 Pro 5G
  5. Poco X5
  6. Poco X5 Pro
  7. Poco F4/ F4 GT
  8. Poco X4 5G
  9. Poco X4 GT
  10. Poco F5
  11. Poco F5 Pro 5G

New Features of MIUI 15 Update

The last MIUI14 worked on all the calibers, included the user interface, designs, widgets, back-end optimization, privacy options, security options, syncing data between connected devices, etc. In that terms, we can’t even imagine what’s coming next.

However, ignorance is a bliss and so we got you to a comprehension of some recently leaked features coming up with the new MIUI 15 update. There are some important features to know about and we have listed them all below one by one related to their context.

Officially, you will not find any details about this on the official MIUI webpage as it still contain the details about MIUI 14. These are all the features shown in the most recent I/O speech by Google on Android 14. Whatever is in MIUI 15, it’s first based on stock Android 14 version.

Ultra HDR Photography

We all got bored of the HDR photography, mostly after hearing a lot about it on Google Camera ports and stock MI camera app. Ultra HDR would be the new generation of Android photography, and it was the first Camera part of technology acknowledged by Google.

Currently, the picture you capture on your phones get saved still in the standard quality and lack of colors, but the Ultra HDR preserves the dynamic range of images to display on HDR capable displays in 10-bit.

New Privacy Features

Android 14 is comprising some new privacy options, mostly where users can get more inside the third-party app permissions to adjust them positively. Data is important and we never want to share our data with anyone.

We can now stop major third-party apps from stealing our data using some amazing privacy prospects of MIUI 15 based on Android 14. More knowledge about privacy features will be shared soon with you whenever MIUI official will update about it.

New UI Tactics

The major part that we all love about MIUI is its user interface tactics, which includes all those new designs they provide to their users on every new update.

This time also, you are going to get some new icons, widgets, themes, and live wallpapers to get astonished every time while using your Xiaomi phone. Although, none of these features leaked yet, or got official by MIUI community, but soon you’ll know about them.

When I’m Supposed to Get MIUI15 update on my Xiaomi Phone?

There is no official date yet heard by MIUI community to launch the MIUI 15, but it’s expected to be there by December 2023. You have to wait for all those things, as Android 14 will also take some time to plant all the most amazing technologies.

If you’re using any of the above listed Xiaomi smartphones, it’s a huge probability that you would be the first one to use MIUI 15 on your smartphone, with all the features listed above. Again, the list is still not confirmed officially, but will get confirmed soon.

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