Buy Products on WhatsApp in the New Update

Call it E-Commerce, or a messaging application, both will work well for the WhatsApp Messenger after this new update. You’re going to have an E-Commerce interface clubbed with the WhatsApp Messaging app in the beta update.

Lastly, we had an option to check the list of products that a business serves, but now we can also buy them and the businessmen can sell them using the WhatsApp Business app’s updated feature.

Basically, there are so many exaggerating features that WhatsApp provided us before with, and they are all clubbed together to give us an E-Commerce experience on a messaging app.

They are the features like the list of products, address and contact detail feeding, as well as the new WhatsApp payment options with the UPI and Credit Card protocol.

Buy Products on WhatsApp

In this article, you will acknowledge the procedure of buying products from WhatsApp, finding product sellers, as well as selling products through WhatsApp Business.

Additionally, the dedicated user interface will sophisticate take all the details required for the instant product delivery, and later they are also seeing ahead to notify the logistic and tracking details.

Use WhatsApp Messenger as an E-Commerce platform and Find Sellers

Our globe is adapting technology so fast and concisely that people are making bigger impacts in the simpler steps of procedures.

Likewise, WhatsApp is going ahead in all parts of online services, and the current service we’re referring to is the global E-Commerce business.

We had a concern with some online shopping portals like Amazon and Flipkart as they didn’t give any based customer support, but now you can order products while messaging.

This would be your best E-Commerce experience ever until the current moment, and you’ll remember it. But before that, you need to be a beta tester of WhatsApp, as it’s a new feature settled only in WhatsApp’s latest beta version update.

If you want to listen to a big name selling products through WhatsApp, we got the biggest online distributor, Reliance Jio Mart.

Buy Products on WhatsApp New Update

Now after having this feature accessible, many small business vendors will also get online to sell their products with fluency.

There are beyond 2 billion people worldwide using WhatsApp, and there is no place on this planet where you can’t ship your product, or get a desired product shipped.

The online business wave is on the way with the new implements of WhatsApp Messaging.

How to Sell Products on WhatsApp as an E-Commerce Messaging App

Before this newer update of WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business, you were only capable of uploading your business and product catalogs on the Business version.

Later, a customer could glimpse your catalog and ask you for the next steps of buying and getting it delivered to their place.

But from now on, WhatsApp would work as an E-Commerce messaging app, where you can’t just add catalogs, but also live product selling.

You can take the help of WhatsApp features such as WhatsApp Payments and Live Location access to sell products simpler, faster, and securer.

Moreover, it’s an end-to-end encrypted application, so all your data would be safe and secure when adding products, or buying newer ones.

After opening the WhatsApp Business app, you can now create a catalog, and adding products for selling would also be an available option with convenience procedure soon.

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