Nothing Phone (2) Upgrade: 200mAH Battery Boost & 3 Years Of OS Updates

Since Carl Pei discussed the Snapdragon 8 series processor in the upcoming launching of the comeback of Nothing Phone, Nothing Phone 2, it’s been a long time since we heard a bit. The last impact of Nothing Phone 1 was quite crazy on the Android market, and so we got to tell you about the generational upgrades.

According to some legitimate sources, Nothing Phone 2 is making a comeback with 200mAH increment in the phone’s battery. Not just that, the rear side design of the device is also being changed, including the different light effects and overall hardware design.

We have also got a few information related to a most exceptional update you’ll see in Nothing Phone 2, which is the larger duration of OS updates and security patches for this unique device. The brand itself knows how rare it becomes hearing about a new upcoming Nothing phone.

They need to be creative and that’s why they launch fewer smartphone variants or models, and that’s why they are comprising them with longer updates. In this case, even if you won’t see a new model in a few upcoming months, you can enjoy the new OS updates with the NothingOS.

Nothing Phone 2 to have a 200mAH battery increase

First time, when Nothing brand created a smartphone for the very first time, Nothing Phone 1, they created it with 4500mAH battery and a 33W fast charging support. However, that was cool just after seeing the slim size of the smartphone. But tremendous Nothing users seen a batter consumption in those aesthetic flash lights.

This time, Nothing Phone 2 is about to come with a 200mAH battery increase, and that’d be with lower battery consumption by flashlights, and a 6.7” display size. Now, you’re going to use the phone with the exaggerating vibes and no concern of screen size or the battery support.

Still, the larger display size won’t make you feel more aesthetic than those thin bezels adjusted with the Nothing Phone 2. It looks like a premium phone with those thin bezels, quality display, 1080 x 2412 hyper HD resolution, and an exceptional battery life.

New Nothing OS with longer update and security support

Tremendous brands have crafted the Android operating system as their own brand user interface, like the MI phone introduced MIUI, OnePlus phones have that OxygenOS, and similarly we see NothingOS in Nothing smartphones.

This NothingOS is a simplistic stock Android alternative, where you will not see much differences from the stock. It’s a simple and concise user interface to give you a better battery life, hyper processing and the craziest updates, as the one you’re about to get.

Nothing Phone 2 is promising you this time with longer OS update promise, so that you won’t feel dull anytime while using this phone. According to this, you will get NothingOS updates for the next 3 years, even if you aren’t upgrading your device from Nothing Phone 2 to the next.

Moreover, there will be 4 years of security patches upgrades for you after you’ll buy the Nothing Phone 2. For the next 4 years, you’ll be among the first ones to get these security features in Nothing Phone, unlike the last variant they created, Nothing Phone 1.

That’s all about the most recent updates we got through our influential sources about the new goodies being available in the new Nothing Phone 2. Besides, if you get any concern or additional things to add in this article, the below comment section is ahead of you.

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