How To Make Privacy Policy Page For Blogger 2018

Today in this post i will show you How To Make Privacy Policy Page Step-by-step for website. Before we start let me first tell you that Why it is important to create Privacy Policy Page? Does we get AdSense Approval without Privacy Policy Page? You we be having too many questions coming to your mind.
So, basically privacy policy page represents your website privacy details. When a visitor Visit Our website in this site which all information we taking from visitors and which all Privacy details saved in the site all this things are mentioned in the Privacy Policy Page.
For your website creating privacy policy page it is also important because Google AdSense checks that which type of contents/ Knowledge we are sharing to our websites, Blogger. WordPress.Php. use any of these platforms to create your website and for AdSense approval Privacy Policy Page is must.
When you apply your site for Google AdSense approval Google AdSense teams reads and check your website’s policy what you have written,mobile friendly simple look and unique contents.  
if this all things matches with google policies then will give you approval in 2-3 days or in same day itself depending upon your website.
If you don’t know how to write or create Privacy Policy Page then follow this post we have mentioned Step-by-step to create,


You can create Privacy policy page for blogspot or WordPress online /offline, the best way is online free privacy policy generator there are many websites like this but which i like the most is iam showing you. In starting iam also not knowing to create Privacy page the i make my page through serprank, through this i got my AdSense approval.


For Blog How to Create Privacy policy page


Step-1 Firstly what you have to do is just go to serprank official website.


Step-2 Then Register there and then click on select button (if your account is already created then just login). In account information section fill your username, password, confirm password, email address, confirm email address after that plz read all the terms and conditions then click ✓ mark in (i agree to the terms and conditions for membership) then click on Submit and confirm.
How To Make Privacy Policy Page
After this you will receive a confirmation mail regarding your account verification just open the email and you will find (click the link to verify your account) after this your account is now active now on site menu, select Google AdSense.


How To Make Privacy Policy Page
1) add your website/blog url link.
2) Fill your active email id.
3) check ✓ on yes we use Cookie’s.
4) Check ✓ on Google AdSense (if you use any other advertising network in your website the check ✓ on that)
How To Make Privacy Policy Page


That’s it your Privacy policy page is ready with very simple steps now select and copy now you can use this in Blogger or WordPress or any other. Now, in your mind there will be question that
How to add Privacy policy page into Blogger /Website,


Adding Privacy policy page and publish to your website is very easy,


Step-1 Go to dashboard>> Pages>>Click On Create New Page.
How To Make Privacy Policy Page


Step-2 Now blogger page editor will open up.
How To Make Privacy Policy Page


  1. In Title add Privacy policy.
  2. Then paste the Privacy Policy text that you have copied from (privacy policy page generator).
  3. Now, click on publish button.


Friends finally we have created our privacy policy page successfully. This is the best and easy method to create Privacy Policy Page.
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