How To Create Ad Units in Google Adsense- 2017


If you have created a New Google AdSense and you have got the Adsense approval. Now you want to know How Ad units are created in Google AdSense. So, Read this article here we have explained you step-by-step to create ad units.

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How to create Ad units in Google AdSense?

Just follow the steps shown below…

  • Sign in to your AdSense account
  • Now click on the top left corner, now you will see this type of options.
  • Just Tap on My ads

  • Go to Ad units, now this type of page will appear.

  • At the top you will see +New ad unit just tap on that.
  • Now you will be asked What type of ad would you like to create? Select the type of Ads that you want to display.

  • After that Name your ad it can be anything >> Now click on Get code you will see this type of page.

  • Just Copy that & place it to your Blog/Websites.

So, this is all about creating ad units for Google AdSense if you are facing any problem the make sure to comment down below.


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