Basic Introduction to Affiliate Marketing


In today’s world all the household works are being done with the help of internet. Similarly, shopping is that household work done by almost all people globally. And nowadays, shopping is done from internet. So, can we take an advantage for this? We will take about this in today’s post. The way to get an advantage of people’s shopping is Affiliate Marketing. Basic Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a process of referring someone’s product and getting commission. Affiliate marketing is popular in the entire world.

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How can I affiliate?
After reading some of the points in this article, there might be a question in your mind saying, “How can I start Affiliate Marketing?” We have the answer to this also. There are many sites giving affiliate program. Affiliate can be done in any product either digital or physical. So, here are some list of the sites providing you a chance to affiliate and earn money.

• Amazon
• Clickbank
• Flipkart
• Snapdeal
• Hostinger
• Payoneer
• Fiverr
Beside these there are lots of sites or companies providing affiliate to their customers.

As I mentioned above, Affiliate Marketing is a way which gives commission in the sale of any good.

As a company gives a unique url to the refferer. The referrer has to share the link to people. And when someone buy any product from that specific url given to referrer by the organization, he/she will get the specified percent of commission, How cool is that.

How can I promote Affiliate Links?

There are many ways to promote your affiliate links after you have created it. Some of the ways of promoting affiliate links are given below:

• Social Sharing
• Email Marketing
• Forums
• Reddit Subs
• Ads
• Traffic exchange

After getting all the things set you will start earning from coming days as sales from your link get increased. Please comment what you are confused in.



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