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Myself, Milind Sahu From MilindTech.in in this website i post Tech Related Contents Like Android Trick’s| News| And More..

I always want to Explore something new and Techy and, i used to do experiments on Android Devices to get something new here on MilindTech.in i share solutions of latest Android feature bug’s with their Fixes For latest Android launches and How to type solutions for all Android Devices.

I started this blog to help in finding better solutions of the problems Related to Tech and i will share my knowledge with the world. I also Have a YouTube Channel Named as: MilindTech Subscribe to my channel to get latest Android tip’s & Trick’s And Also Follow MilindTech on Twitter to get latest tweets it can help you out.

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Plz fell free to Contact us on milindsahu2000@gmail.com

Iam working for SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) since last 4 Years, and a part time YouTuber.