Aadhaar card information will be given on Facebook too


Aadhaar card information will be given on Facebook too!

To stop fake accounts and record their presence in the virtual world, the world’s leading social media platform Facebook has also taken a step in the same way as the Indian government. Facebook has now started testing the use of the ‘base’ required to get banks, mobile connections etc.

The purpose of this move of Facebook is to bring new users to join this platform with their real name. This new initiative is being looked at for the purpose of cracking fake accounts.

According to the base of Facebook’s mobile site ‘Base on the name age’ is testing the name pop-up box, which will appear when the user creates a new account. In the meantime, “What’s Your Name? Using the name on your base card makes it eager for friends to understand you.” That is, “What is your name? It is easy for you to identify friends with the name written on your Aadhar card.”

New user sign-up testing with Aadhar card was first seen on Reddit and Twitter. It is noteworthy that while creating a new account on the Facebook mobile site, everyone did not see this new pop-up. We also tried but failed.

However, a Facebook spokesperson confirmed the Gadgets 360 website, “We want to make sure that the names that are identified by people are only used on Facebook, so that they can easily connect with their friends. It’s a small There is a bit of test in which when people sign up for their new account, we can write additional words to show that they use the name written on their base card so that they can Issues to ensure their easy identification. It is an optional prompt that we’re testing, or people do not necessarily have the name of your base card. ”

Only a small number of people using Facebook on mobile are seeing this message right now. While it is a matter of fact that Facebook users are not seeking information from the Aadhaar card under this test program, it is only saying that the new joining users should use the name written on their Aadhaar card.

This step would not raise any issue related to the identity of the Aadhaar card nor misuse of the information of the Aadhaar card. But seeking the name associated with Aadhaar card, there is definitely an initiative that encourages users joining this platform to come face to face with real identity.

Facebook currently has 24 million 10 million users in India and it is the second largest market in the world in terms of the number of top Facebook users after the US.


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