5 Cool Android Phone Tricks You Must Try

Android Tricks
Android Tricks

There are very interesting things that you can do with your Android phone that other phones can only dream about Like iOS & Windows. With a little imagination, the possibilities are nearly infinite.Since there are numerous various things you’ll be able to do on Android, however it’s inevitable to be unaware of a number of the simplest Android tricks That We’ve compiled a listing of 5 Cool Tricks that you simply should strive.

Note: Android is a beautifully diverse ecosystem, but that means some of these Android tricks won’t look or work the same on your particular phone model. We have many great Tips & Tricks articles for popular phones. thanks

  1. Jump to App Info from the Recent Apps

Almost Every Android app has associate “App Info” page within the Settings. this is often however you’ll be able to disable, force stop, clear cache, reset defaults, and perform variety of different functions. the rationale for visiting this page sometimes must do with associate app misbehaving. Navigating to the App data page through the Settings app are often cumbersome. Thankfully, there’s a way faster methodology.

1.) Open Recent apps/Multitasking screen
2.) Find the app you want
3.) Long-press the app icon in the title bar
4.) Depending on your phone, it will jump straight to the App Info page or you’ll have to tap the (i) button
5.) Done!

  1. Add a shortcut to My Apps in Play Store

If you’re agree with me, you are open the Play Store for mostly one reason- that is app updates. It’s important to keep your apps up to date and to read about what new changes has been made. One of the most effective & newest Android features known as “App Shortcuts.” it’ll permits you to long-press associate app on your home screen and jump straight to a selected section however cool is that.. Play Store has this as “My Apps” section. you’ll place the “My Apps” shortcut directly on your home screen.

Note: This feature can only be works with Android 7.1+ or with certain 3rd-party launchers (such as Nova Launcher).

1.) Drag your Play Store & put it to your home screen if it’s not already
2.) Now Long-press the Play Store then
3.) Long-press the My apps shortcut
4.) Drag it anywhere on the home screen and drop it
5.) Done!

  1. Create custom Quick Tiles

One of the simplest robot options you’ll not remember of is custom fast Settings Tiles. the short Settings is that the space within the notification shade that enables you to quickly toggle on wireless local area network, Bluetooth, and variety of different things. you’ll originated these tiles to your feeling, but what’s even higher is to transfer extra tiles from the Play Store. Here ar several to try to to out:

Weather Tile – weather conditions and current temperature
Caffeinate – keep screen awake for 5 minutes
Quick Search Tile – do a web search
Tiles – create your own tiles

How to add a Quick Tile:

1.) Pull down the Quick Settings
2.) Tap the EDIT or pencil icon
3.) Find the tile and drag it to the Quick Settings
4.) That’s it!

  1. Restrict apps from using data in the background

The unfortunate state of mobile data is that most of us have to make do with not enough of it. Making it to the end of the month without going over your limit can be a struggle, especially when apps are guzzling data behind your back. Android has a feature for a while that can cut off data when you reach a certain point of limit, but a new feature allows you to cut off data for specific apps you want. It’s a very powerful tool.

1.) Open Settings
2.) Go to Data usage > Data saver
3.) Toggle the switch on
4.) Tap Unrestricted data access
5.) Select the apps you want to allow to use mobile data
6.) Done!

  1. Use gestures on the Fingerprint Scanner

Most phones currently have fingerprint scanners. apart from the apparent fingerprint scanning, some phones use the scanner as an influence button or home button. That’s primarily the extent of the quality. What if may|you’ll|you may} use the fingerprint scanner for more? What if it could do something you want? a really cool app known as Fingerprint fast Action will just do that.

1.) Download Fingerprint Quick Action
2.) Open the app and check the box to Enable Fingerprint Quick Action
3.) You’ll be asked to give Accessibility permissions. Tap OK and do it
4.) Return to the app and select an action for Single tap, Fast swipe, and Double tap
5.) You’re done!



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