5 Common Blogging Mistakes || This Tips Can Help Your Blog Rank 1


5 Common Blogging Mistakes | This Tips Can Help You Rank 1

If you want to make a career in
blogging, then do 5 common mistakes?
Come As friends in our blog today I have
people really want to do some special
things about the wonderful little e topic I
think will have a very good knowledge of
you v who know these folks out you will be
very useful for Which is the main thing
that I want to explain to you today?

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I will tell you today what is a mistake that
a new blogger does not do that due to
which he can not succeed in blogging, not
just by making friends from the block,
you have to work a lot and friends you
know very well that I do not, but we have
to trowel in every area friends fairly new
blogger who manages to make the blog
can not but succeed in the Blog or a website that you are about to start blogging or if you do blogging the
mistakes I have you to talk to people,
you can not succeed in either forbid as
friends if you make the same mistake you
might never Blogging Friends, I tell you?
What are the mistakes that new bloggers
do nowadays?

1.) Friends, the first mistake that happens to Blogger is that they do not post regular
messages on their blogs due to which they
have new blog readers, they do not come
on their block because friends have a lot of chest of that blogger, If you too are making this mistake, then you can correct
these mistakes and post regular.

2.) Now friends, I tell you in the second
mistake that bloggers often do, then you
will read many blogs.You may have got
many such blocks also on whose blog if
you go, you will get more ads than the
post, It’s okay to have friends, there are
many bloggers who put a lot of tree
advertising on their blog, they think that
now we will have more earnings but
friends, There is a loss because many
people are angry with their
advertisement because when they are
reading the post , it gets a lot of trouble
because flood flood ads are clicked. due to
which we can not post well if you too If
you are making a mistake, please correct
this mistake. There were more than three
advertisements on your blog. First of all,
in the middle, Apply it only.

3.) The mistake that I am about to tell you in the third mistake of friends is that there
are so many bloggers who write posts but
they do not explain well in the post, due
to which many people have trouble
understanding and so many people There
are those who are close to their blocks,
because they know that this blog so we do
not understand well if you have good
posts that are making this mistake So do
not be living the mistake you correct it
will, you will read it affect your block in a
few days enough to make a lot of people
to your blog and teach your post

4.) Now the friends Who make the fourth
mistake is that there is a lot of blog
meaning Which post but do not add
photos in the post. I mean to say that if
you are explaining, then you can see the
photo of every step there putting so much
easier for people to understand What you
understand to be that getting to know
Well because friends see them bring
much, he does not understand that he is
also good Like so through even When you
understand your post you are considered
a post planted at least one photo of each.

5.) Then there is a fifth mistake that bloggers do, Whether it is an old blogger
or a neW blogger, they make that mistake.
NoW let me tell you Which mistake is
posted by friends, so every blogger Writes
but there is a lot of mistake in the post.
There is a lot of mistake in the Word,

To Which the blog reader suffers a lot of
difficulty in reading your post and
understanding this mistake somewhere in
the post, Who Write posts and friends, if
you are making this mistake then correct
this mistake noW Much gain Will be
gained. Friends, I think I have told about
5 mistakes Which Were a lot of important
mistakes Which Were very important for
you to improve and hopefully you Will be
able to improve these five mistakes and
become a good blogger.


  1. Hey Milind

    Great list. I’d like to add one! ‘You write in block paragraphs and don’t reformat your post to emphasise certain messages’.

    It’s true that people reading a post/article will skip through to find key messages. Why not make their life easier (and allow them to read efficiently) by making words bold, italic, using bullet points, increasing text font, in order to allow key points to emerge.


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